Year 1’s Make Slime

As part of our Inquiry topic “Solids, Liquids and Gases” today all the Grade 1 students made slime. We mixed cornflour, water and food colouring together. The students saw that the water mixed with the cornflour made a substance that was both a solid and a liquid depending on how much pressure they applied with their fingers. After the students undertook this experiment they were able to link this to their literacy lesson where they had to write up the experiment as a procedural text. We look forward to doing more experiments and learning about how solids, liquids and gases react in the coming weeks.



Mr Mackie and Mrs Murnane

Happy Diwali!

Dear Families,

The Prep and Year 1 students had a fabulous time celebrating and learning about Diwali last Friday. The day was celebrated by lighting a diya at assembly along with a speech from our Grade 6’s about the meaning and importance of the celebration.

Each of the Prep and Grade 1 students worked in teams to create their own rangolis using coloured salt and glue. The teachers loved seeing how well the Grade 1 students were able to lead the Preps during this activity. We also listened to some songs in a variety of languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Telegu. We are already looking forward to the 2017 celebration!




The Prep and Grade 1 Team

100 Days of Prep!

Dear Families,

The teachers and students were so excited to celebrate the milestone of 100 Days of Prep on Wednesday 20th July. During the day the Preps participated in a number of different activities around the number 100. They tried doing 100 exercises, organising 100 treats, counting objects to 100, painting 100 dots and writing 100 words as a team.

We are so proud of all that the students have achieved so far this year! Keep it up Preps!

100 Days of Prep

Miss de Bruyn, Miss Piscioneri and Miss Fourniotis

Prep Update!

Dear Prep Families,

We have had a very busy few weeks with lots of new topics being explored and exciting activities! We hope that you have been enjoying the Number Name Match game that was made and sent home to you a few weeks so that your child could become familiar with words such as ‘one’ or ‘two’ as these can be very tricky. Keep up your daily reading and magic words practice too; we have seen some wonderful improvements from our students and we couldn’t be more proud!

Here are a few things the Preps have loved doing over the past few weeks have been:

  • Wrisky Writing!: encouraging the children to take risks when spelling new and unfamiliar words
  • Sizzling Starts: helping children to understand how the who, what where and why at the beginning of an exciting story
  • Maths – Addition: Students have been learning addition using Numicon, number lines, unifix, dice and Interactive Whiteboard games
  • Mindfulness: Students have been working on their mindfulness by starting their day off with meditation, practising mindful counting, yoga and by using their calming jars that we made this week

We are very much looking forward to our excursion to the Melbourne Museum and the Imax Theatre to continue our learning about Minibeasts.

Let’s not forget our wonderful celebration for Milo’s Birthday Surprise where we celebrated learning all the letters and sounds of the alphabet. Keep on practising your sounds Preps!



Miss de Bruyn, Miss Piscioneri and Miss Fourniotis

Nutrition Workshop

Today all the Grade 1’s and 2’s participated in a Nutrition Workshop provided by Caulfield Community Health Service. The children really enjoyed participating in this workshop and learnt a lot about good health and nutrition to fuel their bodies and minds.

The Prep children will be participating in a similar workshop on Wednesday.

Mrs Boomsma and Mr Mackie

We’re going on a Dinosaur hunt!

Dear Families,

On the 19th of April Year 1 and 2 students went on an excursion to IMAX and the Melbourne Museum. The students watched a movie called Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Planet 3D. The movie showed different types of dinosaurs, what they ate, where they lived and how they behaved. After the movie and some food the students were able to enter the Museum. They were able to visit several exhibitions including the Dinosaur Walk. In the afternoon all the students went to see the Jurassic World exhibition, where the students walked through different rooms and scenarios such as laboratories and dinosaur feeding pens seeing life sized robotic dinosaurs. The knowledge and insight gained on this excursion connects with our inquiry topic of Dinosaurs and will lead to learning activities in this subject.

The students had a fantastic day.


Dinosaur Excursion

Preps: A sensational start to Term 2!

ear Prep Families,

We have had an incredible start to Term 2 with a busy week! This week we started out Book Club and Monster Maths groups. Some students are working with different teachers so they did well to adapt to their new teachers and their new groups.

During Book Club, the preps are working on improving their reading during Guided Reading session where they read in groups with their teacher. They will also be using Reading Eggs and doing specific tasks that will help them with their reading.

During Monster Maths, students will also be working in groups to improve their counting. addition and maths language. We will be using different games and tasks to help them improve their maths skills.

One of the highlights of our week was our lesson where we learnt to ‘Start the job, stay on the job and finish the job‘. Students learned that sometimes school can be challenging but we need to ‘stay on the job’ to challenge ourselves and get the job done.

We are looking forward to a fun filled Week 2!

BookClub Monster Maths pics

Miss de Bruyn, Miss Piscioneri and Miss Fourniotis

Silly Science Incursion

Dear Prep, Grade 1 and 2 Families,

On Tuesday and Wednesday of Week 8, our Prep to 2 students participated in the Silly Science Incursion which explored hands on science experiments. Students were encouraged to try the experiments by themselves and with their peers before

  • Making rockets
  • Water pressure
  • Magnets
  • Slime

Our students were very curious exploring each of the different stations and using great team work to assist each other.

We look forward to more exciting incursions and excursion over the coming year!

Silly Science 2